Columbia Chapter, BCIS



The Columbia Chapter BCIS was created to offer a local opportunity for Belleek Collectors to meet and, through the resulting acquaintanceships, permit their commonality of interests to, individually and collectively, give them enhanced enjoyment from their Belleek Collections.



  • Worldwide chapter networking allows members to exchange information and keep abreast of new Belleek and special events.
  • Quarterly chapter meetings often have a guest speaker, always share information, have sales tables for members to sell and purchase Belleek pieces, have raffles and door prizes for Belleek pieces, provide an opportunity for members to share special finds with chapter members, and always promises a fun filled time.
  • Belleek discounts are available from participating retailers.
  • A chapter handbook is made available for all chapter members with individual contact information of the membership and some valuable Belleek information.
  • Educational information available from many knowledgeable chapter members.
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The Celtic Jewelry Studio was created by the founder of Kathleen's of Dublin, Cynthia McBurney (one of our fine sponsors). Please click the link to the website: HTML link